Secos – Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Outsourcing Services

Secos provides energy and environment management outsourcing and support services. We help businesses and organisations to understand, address and manage the challenges of climate change in practical, business-focused ways, minimising risks and identifying opportunities. Secos can help you to :

Secos partners with you to deliver sustainability into your organisation. Experts work alongside you to help prioritise your energy and environment requirements, build an action plan and manage the actions to drive the agenda forward to attain the desired benefits.

“Companies that consistently manage and measure their responsible business activities outperformed their FTSE 350 peers on total shareholder return (TSR) in seven out of the last eight years. The TSR of these companies also recovered more quickly in 2009 compared with that of their FTSE350 and FTSE All-Share peers, with an average 10 percentage points higher shareholder return”.

Value of Responsible Business. BITC/ Ipsos MORI data (2010).

But it is not just large enterprises that can benefit from being responsible business with a focus on sustainability.

“We notice a clear difference in what smaller organisations (SMEs) refer to more often as business benefits, compared with larger multinationals and larger corporations (MNEs/LCs). ‘Employees and the future workforce’ is more likely to be seen as the key business benefit for SMEs, while ‘Operational effectiveness’ was most often referred to as a key benefit by larger organisations”

The Business Case for Being a Responsible Business – BITC (2011)